Promoting health and wellbeing in Sheffield

March 27, 2017
By Sandi Carmen, Assistant Chief Executive, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Board Member of Legacy Park Ltd
Promoting health and wellbeing in Sheffield
I am delighted to be on the Board for the Olympic Legacy Park and look forward to working with colleagues to take forward several developments to improve the health and wellbeing of Sheffield residents and beyond. 

We have many great organisations in Sheffield who are working together to deliver services and run activities that promote health and wellbeing.

Keeping active is really important to my family and me.   In 2010 I started running parkrun – at first I was barely able to get around the 5k course, had to walk frequently and regularly went for a lie down afterwards!   Seven years later, parkrun is a weekly feature in our family calendar and both my husband and children regularly run or volunteer. Together we have completed a collective total of 468 parkruns which, when you add it all up, equates to an incredible 2,340 kilometres.

It is amazing to think that over 120,000 people walked, jogged and ran at a UK parkrun on Saturday and that figure doesn’t include the 11,000 awesome volunteers who made it all happen.
At parkrun, I met a few members of the Smiley Paces Running Club and started running with the Group.   As a city, Sheffield has one of the highest numbers of running groups in the UK and provides a fantastic network for all abilities; beginners or professional.  I would definitely encourage anybody looking to take up running to find a group – I feel I get a real sense of community spirit and encouragement from other runners. 

I am delighted that one of The Outdoor City Run Routes will be located on the Olympic Legacy Park, and will help to bring a positive running experience to more people.

Programmes like Move More in Sheffield are also inspiring people to take up a new sport or physical activity whilst simultaneously improving health, wellbeing and quality of life of those living in Sheffield.  The Move More goal is to make Sheffield the most active city in the UK by 2020 and with so many fantastic facilities available and such a great team effort from everyone involved, we are certainly on our way to achieving this. 

My role at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals means I see first-hand how much physical exercise and increased activity levels can improve a person’s health and wellbeing.  Even a minimal increase in activity can help you keep healthier longer, be more prepared for surgery and help you recover faster.  As the Outdoor City, Sheffield has lots to offer for all ages and abilities. Why not give it a go, I did!