#5daysofmortar - Inspiring Healthy Behaviours at the Olympic Legacy Park Sheffield

May 18, 2017
Yuri Matischen is the Managing Director of MLS Contracts Ltd and Chairman of the DBL Sheffield Sharks. 
#5daysofmortar - Inspiring Healthy Behaviours at the Olympic Legacy Park Sheffield
The £3.9 million Park Community Arena (PCA) is set to be a multi-purpose, community indoor facility housing three full-size basketball courts on the Olympic Legacy Park Sheffield (OLP).
As well as becoming the new home of the DBL Sharks Sheffield basketball team, the facility will also support the UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park campus, the Oasis Academy Don Valley and the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC).
The new arena will also be a base for a number of community based, high-performance sports teams which have strong links with Sheffield Hallam University and the wider Sheffield community.
It will provide additional affordable space for clubs - from grass roots to the elite. These will include basketball, volleyball, netball, and futsal, providing a ‘club’ environment for the teams. The PCA will have a focus on leagues and tournaments for these sports which historically have been spread across the City.
We believe that the venue, with its lower overheads and club approach, will help make these sports and clubs sustainable community enterprises, reflecting the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics.
MLS Contracts, the region’s largest major sports events company, will also be relocating to the site, bringing with it a range of sporting event options. Working in partnership with SIV and the City, MLS hopes to attract and create new opportunities, where the combined facilities on the OLP Sheffield will provide a unique stage for future indoor and outdoor events.
The Park Community Arena and the wider OLP Sheffield are an excellent showcase for the #5daysofmortar campaign, with affordable developments in health, wellbeing and sport being targeted to support and regenerate one of the most deprived wards of the City.
This is Olympic Legacy in action. Not only will the project boost land values and revive the area, but it will attract further investment in the health and sporting sector, making Attercliffe a growing new destination of the Sheffield City Region.
What’s more, the projects, the build, and the new sporting tenants, will bring inspirational role models alongside the children and students of the local community and inspire behavioural change in areas where health and skills are at a city low.
On site, they will be able to mingle with athletes of all levels and other people who maintain fantastic levels of health and fitness.
We hope that this will be a trigger to inspire local children to do the same, and in a generation’s time, the health indicators for Attercliffe might be up there with the best in Sheffield.
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